Sept 7 – Maladie in Dakar

Soup that my host Aunt made me…it was delicious!

Today I went to the doctor. I had always thought that I had a tough traveling stomach until I came to Senegal. I went into the clinic thinking, ‘Oh no…I have malaria!’ But the doctor just chuckled and said it’s normal when one is adjusting to a new climate, new food, and a new place. The hardest thing to adjust to has been the cuisine. Fruits and vegetables that I’m accustomed to eating daily aren’t really part of the Senegalese diet. I can tell that’s all my body craves because when I see an orange in one of the street shops, my mouth waters at the thought of orange slices. Pretty pathetic huh? My host Aunt made me vegetable soup which was perfect for my stomach. I’ve been eating fruits and taking my soluble medicine. Hopefully I’ll get better tomorrow! My host Aunt said this to me which I’ve been thinking a lot about today: Prayer is the life of a Christian. You are in a new country, when you walk to school, when you eat food, when you get up in the morning you must pray to God to protect you. I was just blown by how I haven’t been depending on God enough. I’ve been so busy trying to adjust to all the new things and taking everything in that I forgot how because I’m in a new place, I really need to pray to God and to trust in Him.


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