Listening in class to Simon and Malal

Camille and I with Simon, one of the movement leaders

In my Country Analysis class we had 2 Senegalese rappers, Simon and Malal, come in and talk to us about the EN Y A MARRE movement in Senegal. EN Y A MARRE is a political movement fighting against the government (heavily abused by President Abdoulaye Wade) in seeking democracy and demanding the government help alleviate poverty in Senegal.

            Simon and Malata are pretty famous in Senegal for their political movement for Y EN A MARRE and have collaborated with musicians like Akon (who I didn’t even know is from Senegal!) and journalists. I was just so fascinated by their purpose of rap – as a way to voice their political opinions and demand change for the people compared to most of our American version of rap, filled with nonsense about girls, sex, drinking and drugs (just check out iTunes top 10 under ‘rap’).

Here’s a couple of articles from August and September about the movement. The first one is shorter if you don’t have a lot of time but both are really interesting.,8599,2087614,00.html


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