Sept 18 – What a Small, Itty Bitty World

            I went to Dakar Academy (DA) and met up with Laurie, a woman that my good friend Carter knew from when she was abroad in Dakar. DA is where missionary kids and some Embassy kids attend a Christian International School but on Sundays they have church services. I’m continually being blown away by how God’s presence is literally everywhere. He was in Khao Lak, Thailand – a small tourist town where less than 1% of the country is Christian. He’s here in Senegal even though 95% of the people are Muslim.            

            Church was outside and the whole time that I was sitting there I couldn’t help but think about my own experience as a missionary’s kid. I was 7 when I came to live in Taiwan with my new family after I was adopted. It was just so interesting to reminisce and think back to when I was in Taiwan from 7-9 years old in Taiwan at Morrison Academy and be sitting as a college student in Dakar, Senegal (of all places) at a different Christian academy 10 years later. Time flies so fast!

            After Church the Klaas family took me out to lunch at a really good Brazilian restaurant. The owners are Brazilian and they do ministry with these young Talibe men (who waiter at the restaurant too) who’ve been cast out by their families for their faith. I just think it’s so cool that the restaurant couple do ministry with the young men and also provide them with jobs to support themselves (finding any kind of work is a HUGE problem in Senegal). The food was amazing, I guess in Brazil they have a lot of these types of restaurants where there’s endless meat being carried by waiters and also a buffet in a different room. I didn’t eat a lot of meat since that’s all I ate at my host home but I definitely headed straight for the veggie bar. Pretty sure I went back there 3 times within the hour…I miss veggies so much in my normal diet here so by the end of lunch I was sitting there with a food baby (aka full belly). 

            As we were all heading out the doors with full stomachs, Laurie saw a French family from church that she knew and started talking with them. Since I was standing next to this young African girl, I introduced myself and….you will not believe the coolest things I learned about her! Her name’s Addie (which is one of my best friend’s name!), she’s a senior at DA and she’s adopted from Côte d’Ivoire by the French couple who Laurie was talking to. She’s also interested in majoring in international studies (like me!), loves Asian food (like me!), and to top it all off, her and her parents were going to Bangkok for Christmas (like me!). Apparently when she was little they lived in Thailand for 7 years.

            On my way home, all I could think about was…what a SMALL, ITTY BITTY world!


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