Nov 20 – La Lutte!

Went to see a lutte (French for ‘wrestling’) close to my village and let me tell you, it was INSANE. Wrestling is quickly becoming Senegal’s most popular national sport, even more so than football (soccer). It’s a crazy mix of superstitions, fighting, and it can happen in a blink of an eye or last for several minutes. I went with my host brothers and if I had known how many people there were going to be, I wouldn’t have gone at all. Getting there was the easy part. We rode and then parked our horse chariot next to all the other chariots. Basically, everybody and their brother was there. I, of course, stood out like a sore thumb in my blue boubou dress and felt completely awkward clutching my bag as I was continually smushed in the mosh pit of people trying to get through the ‘doors.’ And by ‘doors’ I mean a small fence with a plastic tarp acting as the doorway. Because you had to pay 500 CFA ($1) to get in, most people just stood outside the ‘fenced arena’ to watch the matches happen. After several minutes of stubbed toes, shoving, and lots of yelling, I finally got into the arena with my two brothers. 


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