Dec 1 – A Piece of My Heart in Ngohé

I’m currently in Dakar, sitting in my very nice room without a mosquito net, no mouse scurrying inside my mattress, no spiders nestled on the walls, no dusty dirt everywhere, no annoying donkey whining, no chickens clucking, no hungry cats meowing, or little children screaming while playing in the dirt, or hearing the pounding of … More Dec 1 – A Piece of My Heart in Ngohé

Nov 7 – Tabaski

My brother Mamdou with our Tabaski sheep Tabaski, I realized is a lot like Thanksgiving. It’s a Muslim holiday celebrated a month after Ramadan. From 8am to 3pm, all the women in my family were cooking a big meal. And by big, I mean BIG. The cauldron (I’m not even going to try calling it … More Nov 7 – Tabaski